Supervision - Individual & Group

As a supervisor I offer support and guidance to help you develop your abilities as a therapist and

be fully present for your clients.  


Together we can create a relationship that is tailored to your specific needs, be they psychotherapy or counselling supervision, and/or exam preparation.  I aim to offer a space in which you feel safe and supported; not judged but encouraged to explore and discover more about your work with clients.  Within our relationship there will be opportunities to increase your theoretical knowledge and skills and to develop your understanding of therapeutic relationships.  It can also be a space for you to connect with and express emotions built up from your clinical work, where your feelings can be explored and understood; this can aid your understanding of counter-transferential processes and the inter-subjective dynamics between you and your clients.


I passionately believe in creating a strong working alliance which empowers you, the supervisee, to give the best possible services to your clients, as well as receive support for yourself.  My approach is humanistic, integrative and relational.  I draw on classical and contemporary Transactional Analysis ideas as well as other theoretical modalities to inform the supervisory process, including Person-Centred and Gestalt.  Besides using the

various theoretical models, I work creatively and

from an embodied perspective. This enables us

to explore your work from a variety of angles and

confirm you in your own choice of approaches.




“I believe that supervision is not done by the supervisor, but rather jointly by the supervisor and supervisee together. By attending to the work with clients in a spirit of open inquiry both the supervisor and the supervisee should be learning, and through them so should the profession”

                                                           Hawkins,  2008

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To find out more call

Janni Macfarlane, PTSTA (P), Dip. Sup.,

on (01892) 652899.